Home School Discovery Adventures

Home School children, ages 4-8, are invited to join us for our new Discovery Adventures Program.

Each adventure includes hands-on activities and gallery explorations. Programs run 45-60 minutes in length and begin promptly at 1:00PM. Please plan to arrive by 12:45 to check in.

Members: $8 per child/Free for Adults
Non-Members: $8 per person entering the Museum. (Adults who are dropping off their child/children for the program will not be charged a fee unless they are entering the Museum).

Advanced registration is required.


For further information, contact Allison Ryan at aryan@morrismuseum.org or 973.971.3718

Brick Art Adventures
Thursday, January 26, 1:00PM

From fast food to famous works of art, the Engineering Brick Art exhibit features more than thirty LEGO brick marvels. Students will engage with these architectural design elements and technique and learn how this simple toy has been transformed into a medium of art.

Historical American Symbols
Thursday, February 23, 1:00PM

Students will learn about the origins and significance of some of our nation’s symbols and the American’s who helped develop our country.

Endangered Species
Thursday, March 23, 1:00PM

Students will engage in a lively discussion about endangered species. They will also examine how both nature and human actions affect all living things. A group activity focused on food chains will teach students about the profound effect that one action can have on all living things