Home School Discovery Adventures

Home School children, ages 5-8, are invited to join us for our Discovery Adventures Program. Each adventure includes hands-on activities and gallery explorations.

Programs run 45 minutes in length and begin promptly at 1:00PM. Please plan to arrive by 12:45 to check in.

$10 per child/Adults FREE
Non-Members: $10 per person entering the Museum.*

*Adults who are dropping off their child/children for the program will not be charged a fee unless they are entering the Museum.

Advance registration is required.


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Allison Ryan

Brett King, detail of the Aetherologist, 2012, Cary, North Carolina.

Kinetic Connections
Wednesday, March 29, 1:00PM

Students will be introduced to the world of kinetic art in the exhibition Curious Characters: A Cache of Kinetic Art. They will make their own observations of the interactive figures on display and learn the science behind how their makers created these unique and innovative pieces. The program concludes with a sketching activity in the exhibition.




BASF’s Kids’ Labs

Ready, Set, Fizz!
Thursday, April 26, 2018, 1:00PM

Become a junior scientist and learn about some of the tools used in laboratory experiments. Put your new knowledge to work and perform some fun, fizzy experiments!



Rock and Write with Graphite!
Thursday, May 24, 2018, 1:00PM

Students will explore properties such as the hardness and softness of minerals using different tools. They can try to write with pure graphite, and also perform tests to see if the soft mineral can even conduct electricity.