Our Team

Connie Read,
Acting Executive Director


Kaitlin Kaminski, Museum Loan Assistant
Samantha Matthews, Studio Art Coordinator/Birthday Party Assistant
Nancy Romain, Accessibility Coordinator
Allison Ryan, Education Supervisor 

Exhibitions | Collections

Kathy Francis, Museum Loan Coordinator and Assistant Curator 
Elizabeth Laba, Costume Curator
Michele Marinelli, Guinness Collection Curator
Anne Mott, Curatorial Assistant
Jere Ryder, Conservator Guinness Collection
Maria Ribaudo, Collections Manager & Registrar
Alexandra Willis, Curator

Finance | Administration | Operations

Samantha Aurilia, Admissions Associate
Samantha Janazzo, Administrative Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator
Bob Mackay, Admissions Associate

Troy Phillips, Maintenance
Marina Shraer, Finance Associate
Peter Stevens, Security and Safety Coordinator


Matthew Luminello, Marketing Associate
Kate Silverman, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations

Membership | Advancement

Lee Klocksin, Grants Writer
Colleen Mackenzie, Group Programs & Special Events Coordinator
Laura Mulholland, Membership Manager
Mira Prives, Director of Development


Matt Boyle, Assistant Technical Director Bickford Theatre
Eric Hafen, Artistic Director Bickford Theatre
John Latona, Assistant Technical Director Bickford Theatre
Lewis Perlmutter, Technical Director Bickford Theatre
Laurel Smith, Manager Bickford Theatre

Visitor Services

Marion Davis, Shop Assistant
Kathy Haviland
Museum Shop Manager
Lauren Patanella,
Private Events Manager

Morris Museum Board of Trustees

Ms. Gerri Horn, Chair
Mr. Nelson Schaenen Jr., Vice Chair
Mr. Richard A. Watson, Esq., Secretary
Mr. Richard Nolan, Esq., Treasurer
Ms. Marsha Baldinger
Ms. Molly Borst
Ms. Unjeria Jackson, MD
Mr. Lawrence O’Connor
Mr. Robert L. Ricciardi
Mr. Fred H. Rohn
Ms. Edda Swart-Gillen
Mr. Edward von der Linde
Mr. Vincent Teti