Biography of Dr. George Edward Bradshaw Morren, Jr.


Dr. George E.B. Morren Jr., was born on West Brighton, Staten Island in 1939.  After graduating from Columbia University in 1960, he served in the U.S. Navy for three years before returning back to pursue his Ph.D. in anthropology.  While at Columbia, Morren became interested in the Miyanmin people of the Papua New Guinea Highlands, who resided in the northwestern region of the Country.

Morren traveled into remote rainforests in this region, often completely independent and out of communication with the outside world.  During his time here, he compiled a large amount of data, not only on the Miyanmin people, but of how the people in this region impacted their environment.

At a time when global positioning software was not widely used by the public and imprecise, Morren used this technology to help him interpret the Papua New Guinea landscape.  Morren’s research on the Miyanmin was published in a monograph entitled:  The MIyanmin:  Human Ecology of a Papua New Guinea Society.

Morren was a founding member and former Chair of the Department of Human Ecology at Cook College, Rutgers University.  During his career he published a total of three books and numerous scientific publications.

After teaching at Rutgers, Morren became the Mayor of Rocky Hill, New Jersey, where he stopped a large truck fueling station that was dangerously close to the Town’s water supply from being constructed.

He is often referred to as being one of the founders of environmental anthropology.