Dr. George Morren and the Miyanmin


Dr. Morren was one of the founders of environmental anthropology.  He began working with the Miyanmin people in 1968 as a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University.  The Miyanmin reside in the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea.  Their villages are surrounded by tropical forests and rivers.

While studying the daily lives of the Miyanmin, Morren saw that these people were deeply intertwined with the plants and animals that lived in the diverse forests.  Morren studied how the Miyanmin utilized plants, animals and the land around them, and soon became interested in how the people in this region effected their environment on a larger scale.

At a time when remote sensing technology was not widely used by anthropologists, Morren was utilizing it to interpret how these people impacted the land and their environment.

Image: Dr. George Morren with a Miyanmin woman and child.  Photograph courtesy of Dr. George E.B. Morren collection.