The Edgerton Mechanical Music Library

The Edgerton Mechanical Music Library was donated to the Morris Museum in 2019 by William H. Edgerton, a longtime collector and enthusiast of mechanical music and automata. The library came together over a sixty-year period through major donations of material from Q. David Bowers, Emery Prior, Estate of Marvin Polan, Glen Jedlika, Elise Roenigk, Art Reblitz, Beatrice Farmer, Joseph Gilbert, Edward Schmidt, and Edgerton himself. In all, the Library contains approximately 6000 items: books, journals, magazines, newsletters, bulletins, directories, trade and auction catalogs, sound media, and period prints, all related to the field of mechanical musical instruments and automata.

As home to the Murtogh D. Guinness Collection of Mechanical Musical Instruments and Automata, the Morris Museum is fortunate to have this specialized research library available for the ongoing study and research of that collection.

The Edgerton Library is cataloged and searchable online. Although the library is not open to the general public, the Morris Museum welcomes inquiries for access by serious researchers.