Jack’s Adventure in Space – Bright Star Touring Theatre

Early Access for Families with Disabilities at 9:30AM+

Follow Jack as he heads out into the solar system to meet all of the planets and finds out what makes each one so unique! Skate the rings of Saturn, shoot across the night sky with speedy Mercury, laugh with jovial jolly Jupiter!

When it comes to adventure and imagination, no one beats Jack! Come along with Jack in this out-of-this-world adventure through the solar system! Learn about the origins of the names of the planets Mercury to Neptune, and even the controversial Pluto. Students will also learn about the physical features of the various planets and discover fun facts about each planet’s special path around the sun in this fun STEM adventure!

For ages 3 to 9.

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11:00AM Show  Please call the Box Office at 973.971.3706 for tickets.

1:30PM Show  Please call the Box Office at 973.971.3706 for tickets.

On-line ticket sales end two hours prior to a performance.  Call the Box Office for Tickets at 973.971.3706.

+ Families attending Early Access can enjoy the Morris Museum and a hands-on space themed activity before the show. Call 973.971.3706 to make a reservation, and Mention “Accessibility” for a $15 combination price that includes Museum Admission, a craft activity, and sensory-friendly performance.

*Sensory-Friendly performances are theater experiences in which the environment and typical “rules of attendance” have been relaxed to accommodate individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities and the families and professionals who support them.  These performances are made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Morris Museum Access-ABILITY project.

Photo courtesy of Bright Star Touring Company

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