Special Installation Spotlight: The Mechanical Horse

Saturday, March 21, 2020 – Sunday, February 21, 2021

Meet The Mechanical Horse, now installed in our Museum Court.

Designed and sculpted by Adrian Landon over a period of nearly two years in his studio in Brooklyn, New York, The Mechanical Horse is a work of art born out of the artist’s intricate metalworking skills and his in-depth knowledge and passion for horses. This kinetic sculpture, comprised of over 100 bearings, 30 feet of chains, 23 articulating joints, 1 electric motor, and custom laser-cut sprockets, stands around 10 feet tall and emulates the galloping of a live horse in slow motion. Created in the artist’s preferred medium—steel—the suspended equine sculpture activates at the push of a button. The exposed, moving mechanical parts entwined in the horse’s body enable the viewers to both envision the vitality of a live horse and grasp the complexity of the artist’s process.

For Landon, the process is as important as the finished product, as he desires for his audience to understand the versatility of metal as a medium and to physically see how he manipulates it to fit his vision. As an artist who draws from a variety of inspirations—his experiences horseback riding, his childhood affinity for Legos, and most prominently, his discovery of metalworking— he constantly seeks to push the limits of what is possible within his metalwork. Both his unrelenting pursuit of innovation and his resulting sculpture reflect the Morris Museum’s own continued commitment to explorations of art, sound, and motion.


Image top: Adrian Landon, The Mechanical Horse.  Photo by Ron Labaco.


Mar 21 2020 - Feb 21 2021