New Acquisitions: Video-Paintings by the Safarani Sisters

April 10, 2021 – August 22, 2021

Prose becomes poetry in the video-paintings of Bahareh and Farzaneh Safarani (b. 1990), identical twin Iranian visual artists, now living and working in Boston. Their paintings are deeply meditative compositions—simple interiors where natural light and shadow establish the mood—onto which a delicate veil of video breathes life into the scene. You become a part of the unspoken sentience of the moment, while elements of mise-en-scène suggest a preverbal narrative, taking shape while defying form. The Safarani sisters’ creative practice includes performance art, seen in the performative component of the video overlay. Layers of canvas and motion set the stage for the choreography of their contemplative musings.

Click here to see a video preview of the exhibition.

Projectors courtesy of Epson


Apr 10 2021 - Aug 22 2021