Shadow Puppet Workshop with Sam Jay Gold

Sunday, May 1 at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM
Free with Museum Admission
Located in the Theater Lobby

Together with puppeteer Sam Jay Gold, learn about the characters, stories, and techniques found in the living tradition of Indonesian Wayang Kulit. Then make your own shadow puppet! All the materials are provided in this opportunity to learn, experiment, and create your own puppet inspired by a centuries-old form of shadow puppetry and storytelling. Each workshop lasts one hour.

What is Wayang Kulit? 

Wayang Kulit is a form of traditional shadow-puppetry from Bali—and many other parts of Indonesia—that brings together elements from the islands’ rich cultural traditions: mythology, music, visual arts, ritual, and comedy. Each performance features dozens of intricately carved shadow puppets, portraying heroes and Gods, demons, and animals—their shadows dancing in the flickering light of an open flame, as local stories, folktales, and excerpts from the Hindu Epics are reenacted for audiences all over. 

About Sam Jay Gold

Sam Jay Gold is a writer, puppeteer, and arts educator. As a Thomas J. Watson Fellow, he trained in traditional forms of puppetry around the world in an effort to explore the relationship between puppets and people in a variety of performance cultures — including Bali, where he first trained in Wayang Kulit.  Sam’s work has been featured at venues including shows Lincoln Center, St. Ann’s Warehouse, and BAM. He is co-founder of The Brothers Campur, an Indonesian/American shadow puppet company, performing classic and contemporary Wayang Kulit throughout the US and Indonesia. In between shows, he works as a teaching artist for The New Victory Theater, Lincoln Center Theater, and the Kennedy Center. 


May 01 2022