Mixing Media: Federico Solmi

Mixing Media: Federico Solmi

For High School Students
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Educator Guided tour, museum entry including Spark!Lab

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Tour Fees:

Groups pay a per person rate. A standard K-12 tour group consists of 10 or more students. To book a school group tour, please fill out the form by clicking the button to the left.


Available: September 16, 2022 – February 26, 2023

Take part in an exclusive tour of the immersive and multifaceted exhibition, Joie De Vivre. Advanced art students, video game players, and tech aficionados alike can find common ground in this exciting installation of works by Italian multi-disciplinary artist, Federico Solmi.

Works in this show push boundaries and combine different mediums such as video art, virtual reality, painting, drawing, and sculpture. These contradictory combinations are used by the artist to create social and political commentary through satirical displays of dystopian societies inspired by our past and present day.

This exclusive tour is best suited for high school students.

Content Guidance

Some pieces in this exhibition contain fantasy violence and strong language.

Epilepsy and Sensory Warning

This exhibition contains works with audiovisual components. Some of the lighting and sound in this exhibition may be disruptive to people with photo or auditory sensitivity.


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