School Group Experience Combos

School Group Experience Combos

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Tour Fees Per Student

Educator Guided tour, museum entry including Spark!Lab

$ 9.00

Educator guided tour, activity or craft, museum entry including Spark!Lab

$ 11.00



Take your group visit to the next level with guided tours and craft activities. See theme options below.

Tour Fees:

Groups pay a per person rate. A standard K-12 tour group consists of 10 or more students. To book a school group tour, please fill out the form by clicking the button to the left.

Voices in Art Group Experience

Available: May 25–September 25, 2022
Duration: 2.5 hours

Your art, your voice! Learn how you can hear unique voices and understand different perspectives through experiencing art from a variety of people and places. After a tour of the exhibit For the Culture, By the Culture: 30 Years of Black Art, Activism, and Achievement, students will create their own pieces inspired by the masterful artworks. Students will find their unique voices and share them proudly through the implementation of various fine art techniques on display in the exhibition. Projects can be adapted to meet appropriate techniques for grades K-8.


Art in Motion Group Experience

Availability: March 18–August 20, 2022
Duration: 2.5 hours

Explore the art and the science of kinetic energy in this unique program. We will start with a tour of our juried exhibit A Cache of Kinetic Art: Timeless Movements. Taking inspiration from the exhibit, students will create their own 3D kinetic art sculptures. These moving masterpieces will involve art, movement, science, and engineering. Projects can be adapted to meet appropriate techniques for grades 3-8.

The NJ Engineering Standards grades 2-8

  • 3-8 ETS1-1
  • 3-8 ETS1-2
  • 3-8 ETS1-3

The NJ Science Standards of Physical Science 5.2 grades 2-8

  • 5.3D Energy Transfer/Conservation
  • 5.4E Forces/Motion

The NJ Visual and Performing Arts Standard

  • 1.2 Media Arts

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