Museum Loan Friday: The Birds of Winter

Happy #MorrisMuseumLoanFriday! With all the snow we have been receiving, have you noticed any different birds in your backyard lately? The Museum Loan Department has a wonderful collection of Winter Birds that we would love to share with you and your class.

Winter birds are a unique kind of bird.  While many birds in North America migrate south to breed, winter birds stay throughout the cold weather.  To keep warm in the winter these birds tend to fluff up their feathers and seek shelter against the harsh winds and snow.  Food can also be difficult for winter birds to find.  Many insects are dead and other food may be hidden from the snow.  Despite these struggles winter birds stay throughout the coldest of months.


Junco – The Junco or “Snowbird” is a winter bird that finds its home in New Jersey. These Juncos are mainly grey (slate colored) with a white underbelly.  Juncos tend to live in coniferous or mixed woodlands in North America. They will often fly away in April and nest in the north woods of US and Canada.


Bluebird – Only some types of Bluebirds stay all winter. Some like the Eastern Bluebird leave in late November.  They mainly feed on berries so it is essential for their survival that they go south for three months to search out food.  Other Bluebirds, who do not rely so much on berries, can stay throughout the winter.

These are just two of the winter birds the Morris Museum has. The Museum Loan Department also has a mounted specimen collection with Cardinals, Chickadees, Goldfinches, Snow Bunting, Screech Owls, Sparrow Hawks and many more.   Click below to find out how easy it is to get them!

You can also reach us at 973.971.3709.