Scaasi: Designer to the Stars

 One of the designers showcased in July’s exhibit is fashion mastermind Arnold Scaasi.  Scaasi helps the visitors of the museum travel through the fashions of the 20th century.   Scaasi was originally born Arnold Isaacs in Montreal, Canada in 1931 and changed his name and moved to Paris to become a fashion designer.


He is best known for his custom suits and extravagant gowns that were worn by Hollywood glamour girls, high society, and five United States first ladies.  He dressed such celebrities as Barbara Streisand, Aretha Franklin, and Elizabeth Taylor; and he dressed Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Barbara Bush, and Hillary Clinton.  His pieces have been worn on the cover of Vogue and Harper’s bizarre. Scaasi is known for his sophisticated silhouettes, lavish materials, and extravagant dresses. 


The Morris Museum Collection contains many Scaasi originals.  Their bold colors, lines, and pattern make them pieces of art worthy of being in a museum. Such pieces include a bright red cocktail dress, a light pink ruffled dress, and silver sparkly disco ball style gown.  In the exhibit there will be a wide range of his pieces from classic feminine dresses to a wild contemporary rainbow polka dot gown.