The Sherlock Diaries

The famous Sherlock Holmes is at it again and this time the Morris Museum brings the action to you! The Bickford Theatre is proud to present, the World Premiere of “Sherlock Holmes- Knight’s Gambit” by Paul Falzone. On this adventure, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson discover that the evil Moriarty has dispatched what appear to be numerous killers to end the life of the duo and to disrupt the English monarchy. Can Holmes solve the puzzle and finish the chess match? Check or Check-MATE!

Before Sherlock can begin solving the mystery here at the Bickford Theatre, he must first adventure through the set up and process of bringing the show to life. Before the lights can go down, what goes on days before opening night? That is a question many of us never think of. In the Sherlock Diaries, we bring to you the breakdown of a three day journey that starts in Bennington, Vermont and ends up right here at The Bickford Theatre.

Day 1: The set arrives first thing Monday morning from the Old Castle Theatre Company of Bennington, VT and within an hour is unloaded and set up on stage. Within two hours, the set is adjusted to its proper placement and any last minute props, such as furniture are sorted out.

Day 2:  Once the stage is set, a Dry Tech can begin. A dry tech is essentially a rehearsal without the performers. It is a period where each designer, including Artistic Director, Eric Hafen runs through each segment of the production. It is also a chance for the tech crew who will operate the equipment to become familiar with the flow of the performance.  This usually consists of the lights being cued in sequential order, fixing any problems along the way such as position, brightness or angles. The second part of dry tech is checking the levels of the music, sound effects and microphones used during the performance.

Day 3: The last and final day of preparation includes the completion of setting up last minute props and rehearsal for the cast. Rehearsal first begins with a Fight Call. A fight call is a scheduled meeting during which actors practice stage combat. Actors will often practice their fight moves in slow motion, then they practice at normal speed. After fight call, the gun props are tested so that the actors are comfortable with using them. And finally a full run through is performed, with occasional breaks to adjust props, lighting and set areas.

Day 4: Opening Night of Sherlock Holmes-Knight’s Gambit.

And there you have it! In three short days, Sherlock Holmes is brght from Bennington, Vermont to Morristown, New Jersey and is set for its World Premiere. We asked Scott McGowan, who plays Lecomte in Sherlock Holmes, what he thought about the production and its challenges. McGowan goes on to say:

Sherlock Holmes is a totally new script and the challenges have been great. With a new script, changes are happening on a daily basis and trying to figure out physically how the production works with real live actors also is a challenge. My role(s) entail numerous accents and that has been fun and rewarding…………….. Most rewarding for me is when the show is running and I get to come to the theatre every night and inhabit the character(s) I’ve created and enjoy when we are telling the story in a seamless well acted production.”

Sherlock Holmes- Knight’s Gambit will be playing through November 10th. For tickets and dates, you can call the Box Office at 973.971.3706. We hope to see you there and happy mystery solving!