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Faces of Breast Cancer: Photographs by Pete Byron

Pete Byron is a New Jersey-based freelance photographer with 30 years of experience. His forte is photographing people. The magic in his work is balancing energy and repose.

This exhibition features 20  powerful portraits of cancer survivors, exploring the personalities, beauty, and vitality of these brave women.

As a subject for exhibition, breast cancer can raise questions of taste, of privacy, and the uncomfortable reality of death. In Pete Byron’s photographs, however, the women who have suffered and survived breast cancer are testaments to the beauty inherent in life and the inextingtuished will to survive.

There is as much joy in Byron’s photographs as there is drama. The women in these photographs savor life. In posing for the camera, they shared with Byron—and share with the viewer—their scars, their fears, and their humor. Their vision of themselves, it is clear in these photos, is perhaps deeper than it was before they each faced their ordeal; each day, each moment is far more genuine than ever before. Their laughter, of which there is much in these pictures, is deeply exuberant.

Regarding the question of whether breast cancer and its sufferers are fitting subjects for a museum exhibition, we can only answer by insisting that as an institution committed to exhibiting art, there are two expressions of art on view in Pete Byrons work: the art of photography and the art of life. Both are worthy of public view.

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