Wet & Wild

You just might need a poncho for this one!  Beginning September 22 and running through December 8, 2013, we are excited to present Wet & Wild.  Inspired by the common theme of water, Wet & Wild is a selection of more than 25 art quilts from the extensive collection of John M. Walsh III.  John Walsh is the owner of a water purification business and has had a connection to water since childhood.

Mr. Walsh explains his attraction to water:

“Water has always played a big part in my life; as a little child playing in the glen that ran through my grandparents’ farm, now playing in the same glen with my grandchildren.  In addition, my life’s work is making water safe to use including purifying drinking water, preventing pollution, and controlling corrosion.  When I commission a work for the collection, I normally request that water be the theme.  Water takes so many forms as lakes, clouds, snow, stream, ice, that it allows the artist freedom of expression while tying the works together with a common thread.”

Mr. Walsh began collecting in the early 1990s and with guidance from Penny McMorris a curator, historian, and author, has constructed one of the premiere art quilt collections in the country.  It is a collection that has grown to approximately 100 quilts, that includes works from nationally and internationally renowned artists.  His quilts, as he has said, “have taken over my house”.   He displays four or five of them in his home, another five or so at his office, and rotates then at least once a year.  In addition, one of his bedrooms is dedicated to quilt storage, a second is used for sorting quilts, a walk-in closet holds shipping containers, and part of his den is consumed by quilt magazines and books. 

The quilts showcased in this exhibit combine innovative methods of construction with nontraditional materials, and techniques.  We are very grateful to Mr. John Walsh for sharing his incredible collection with the community and would like to invite all of our followers to come out and enjoy these wonderful works of art.