Current Exhibitions

Museum Detectives: What is it?
November 21– February 18, 2018

The Morris Museum will present unusual and intriguing objects from its collection and give you clues as to how, when or even why these objects were made for you to figure out. Visitors will use their observation and problem solving skills to classify objects and draw their own conclusions. Are they from the past or future? Fine art or scientific objects? This interactive exhibit will get you thinking!

Image credit: Counterfeit Coin Detector, c. 1857, Made by F.J. Herpers, Gift of Mr. Richard Herpers.

Book Art: A Novel Idea
October 27- March 4, 2018

Old or new, many or few, Book art is exactly as it reads- art composed of books. A versatile form of modern art, book art is a medium that can be as subtle as adding a drawing or text to a page, or as complex as creating an intricate book sculpture.

Artists whose works are exhibited include:

James Allen
Doug Beube
Beatrice Coron
Liz Demaree
Brian Dettmer
Julie Dodd
Janet Guerin
Andrew Hayes
Lynn Keffer
Guy Laramee
Karen McDermott
Irmari Nacht
Rocco Scary
Erin K. Schmidt
Suzie Tuchman

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Image Credit: Rocco Scary, Bridge Art, 2003, Handmade Paper, Steel, Mixed Media.

WOW: Wonderful Other Worlds
September 17-December 3, 2017

Witness the power and beauty of the natural world through the technological skills and organic arrangements of photographer and collage artist Ysabel LeMay.

LeMay uses constellations of individual photographs to seamlessly blur the distinction between reality and fantasy, creating harmonious alternate realms. With a discerning eye and indefatigable patience, she observes, selects and photographs thousands of leaves, birds, butterflies, and flowers which are then digitally layered and woven together into vibrant tableaux of startling luminosity that highlight and magnify the beauty of each element.

Support for this exhibition is provided by Lanoue Gallery.


Image: Archeus, Hypercollage, 2016


Inner Canvas: A Selection of the Healing Arts Program’s
Artists of the Month
October 10- November 26, 2017

Working in collaboration with Healing Arts, 17 artists who
have been selected as “Artists of the Month” between November 2015 and March 2017, were invited to participate in a group exhibition at the Morris Museum, showcasing their artwork and their stories of how art has been healing in their lives.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.





Photo Credit: Self Portrait, Kathleen Kirch.
Logo: Institute of Museum and Library Services.


The Evolution of Military Fashion
July 5-November 26, 2017

Highlighting the significant changes American military uniforms have undergone since the country’s inception in 1776, the uniforms featured in this exhibition include examples from the Revolutionary War through World War II.

Image Credits:
Men’s Army Uniform, 1943, Gift of Robert Stoll
Red Cross Uniform, c.1918, Gift of the Beaver Family.

The Voices of Our Veterans: Combat Paper NJ
July 31 – November 19, 2017

Combat Paper, is an organization intended to break down the “silent veteran” culture through the ancient craft of paper-making. The workshop-based organization teaches veterans and civilians how to make paper out of personal or donated uniforms. The paper-making process ultimately serves as a creative outlet to celebrate, or destroy, the stories the uniforms hold by re-purposing them. The works selected for the exhibition are a small sample of the many voices of our country’s veterans.

Image Credit: How to Make Combat Paper, 2010 Silk Screen, Chris Arendt

Gallery Tours

The Morris Museum offers tours of select exhibitions for groups of 10 or more.

Gallery Tours include educator-led programs for field trip students and adult groups, as well as self-guided browse tours.