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Food Pantry, Union, NJ 1997. Silver Gelatin print. Photograph by Barbara T. Beirne.

Food, Help and Hope:
Revisiting the Community FoodBank of New Jersey
Photographs by Barbara T. Beirne, 1996-98
Friday, January 18, 2019 – Sunday, March 17, 2019

In the mid-1990s food insecurity affected nearly one million people in New Jersey. To help raise awareness about this critical social issue, the Morris Museum commissioned photographer Barbara T. Beirne to document the people, services, and agencies associated with the Community FoodBank of New Jersey over a two-year period.

This selection of work reprises the 1998 exhibition The Community FoodBank of New Jersey Leading the Fight Against Hunger: Photographs by Barbara T. Beirne. These moving images compassionately capture those affected individuals and families, and the dedicated advocates involved in the struggle to end hunger. Although the resources devoted to providing food for those in need has increased over the past twenty years, the amount of people who go hungry in New Jersey remains relatively the same—making it all the more necessary to continue the dialogue on this crucial matter.

Image Left – Washington Engine Co. 1918 Ahrens Fox Model N-2 Reg. #909.            Image right – Independent Hose Co. 1923 Ahrens Fox Model KS-4 Reg. #1138

Community Helpers: Firefighters
Saturday, December 15, 2018 – Thursday, February 28, 2019

Since the invention of fire, people have been developing methods to put them out. Always ready to roll out at any time in the event of an emergency, firefighters play a crucial role in society. From rescuing those trapped in burning buildings, to assisting family pets stuck in trees.

Take a closer look into the lives of volunteer and full-time firefighters, who make it their profession to put the safety of others above their own.

Firefighters with a valid ID, receive a reduced rate of Admission to the Museum for $5 during this exhibition.

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Mega Model Train exhibit at the Morris Museum. Photo by Amiet Goldman.

WMBC-TV Interview with Ron Labaco, Chief Curator and Director of Exhibitions, Morris Museum.

Mega Model Train Exhibition

A highly popular exhibition featuring an intricate model train that meanders across a 288-square-foot landscape replicating a bustling city and pastoral scene, equipped with a waterfall, planetarium, and even a sasquatch.

It includes 500 feet of O-gauge track surrounded by an eclectic array of buildings, figurines, cars, trees, and all sorts of other interesting minutia. Along the sides of the display are 48 buttons, each activating a unique light or a moving device, allowing guests to interact with the exhibit. Almost like a real-life Where’s Waldo book, half the fun of Mega Model Trains is admiring the incredibly detailed scenes dispersed throughout.

The trains will be of interest for all ages, from fans of the Thomas the Tank engine to a scale version of the Amtrak Acela passenger train.


  • Daily through the end of February 2019 (except on Mondays when the Museum is closed)
  • The Third weekend of each month
  • Daily during July – August (except on Mondays when the Museum is closed)


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Detail from Installation of “Fever Songs,” at ODETTA Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Joshua Touster, 2018.

Sound Garden: Installations by John Morton and Jacqueline Shatz
Friday, November 16, 2018 – Sunday, February 24, 2019
Meet and Greet with the Artists, February 24

Can sound be an artistic medium? Sound artists use technology, such as recording equipment and audio devices, to manipulate, restructure, and re-present auditory sensations in creative ways.

This exhibition features two immersive, interactive installations:

Fever Songs (2018) brings together the vocal traditions of different religions in an acoustic experience that explores spiritual commonality. Ten audio speakers respond to people’s movements around the room, interweaving and altering the various chants.

In The Voyage Out (2009) visitors activate a kinetic sculpture, triggering layers of spoken text and natural sounds related to Charles Darwin’s voyage aboard the ship HMS Beagle.

Sunday, February 24 from 2:00PM – 5:00PM.  Come experience these interactive art installations together with the artists John Morton and Jacqueline Shatz as we mark the close of this unique exhibition.

Media about this exhibition

  • Hear an excerpt of Fever Songs on WNYC’s New Sounds with John Schaefer.
  • Hear artists John Morton and Jacqueline Shatz speaking in a podcast with Susan Wallner, an award-winning PBS producer, about these installations.

Artists John Morton and Jaqueline Shatz talk with Susan Wallner about “The Voyage Out”.












Andy Taylor, Uncle Sam, B-flat Trumpet, 1996. Photo Courtesy of the National Music Museum.

Trumpets, Weird and Wonderful:
Treasures from the National Music Museum
Sunday, October 7, 2018 – Sunday, March 17, 2019

Forget everything you think you know about the trumpet, the best-known member of the brasswind family. Trumpet-like musical instruments appear across time and cultures in surprising shapes, sizes, and features, from the conch-shell trumpet to the didgeridoo, from the valveless natural trumpet to the keyed bugle, from the Swiss alphorn to the s-shaped serpent.

By special arrangement with the National Music Museum, America’s preeminent collection of historic musical instruments, this exhibit of more than forty musical instruments, including audio and video demonstrations, will delight young and old, student and connoisseur.

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