Current Exhibitions

Museum Detectives: What is it?
November 21– May 6, 2018

The Morris Museum has extended this popular exhibition which presents unusual and intriguing objects from its collection and give you clues as to how, when or even why these objects were made. Visitors will use their observation and problem solving skills to classify objects and draw their own conclusions. Are they from the past or future? Fine art or scientific objects? This interactive exhibit will get you thinking!

Be part of the Museum Detectives exhibition.
Do you have any object(s) of historical curiosity or ones that people would wonder ”what is that?” Send a picture and description of them by March 8, including how you came to own them to[email protected]. The 30 most intriguing objects will be exhibited through the extended date of the show!

Image credit: Counterfeit Coin Detector, c. 1857, Made by F.J. Herpers, Gift of Mr. Richard Herpers.


Alone, Photograph by Eduard Moldoveanu.

Juried Highlands Art and Photography
January 9, 2018- February 18, 2018

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition hosts the Highlands Festival to raise awareness about the natural resources of the NJ Highlands region.  The 5th annual Juried Highlands Art and Photography Exhibit, which coincides with this festival, will feature a selection of works featuring the landscapes, flora, fauna, natural, cultural and/or historic resources of the Highlands of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Curated by New Jersey photographer and Coalition trustee Dwight Hiscano, juried by a panel of prominent local artists and gallery owners, and judged by Alexandra Willis, curator for the Morris Museum.

About the New Jersey Highlands Coalition:

The New Jersey Highlands Coalition hosts the Highlands Festival to raise awareness about the natural resources of the NJ Highlands region, to promote the missions of the NJ Highlands Coalition’s 80+ nonprofit member organizations, and to fund the Small Grants Program which supports local grassroots organizations.  As a nonprofit organization in Boonton, New Jersey, the New Jersey Highlands Coalition works to protect, restore, and enhance the water and other natural and cultural resources of New Jersey’s Highlands, now and for the future.

A Season of Wonder
December 14, 2017- March 4, 2018

What would the holidays be without toys? No matter the generation, you will always remember that favorite doll, toy car or truck – whether tucked away or lost to time.

Check out the unique collection of toys from our permanent collection which re-creates some of the most memorable experiences. Test your skills with some puzzles and try out our life-size checkerboard. View children’s clothing from the period. Step back into the memories and nostalgia of your childhood.

Image Credit: Mother Goose Alphabet Blocks, 1906 United States, Wood. Gift of Mrs. John Wardle.

Mega Model Trains
December 14, 2017- March 4, 2018

This December, the Morris Museum is reopening its Mega Model Trains exhibit, an intricate model train set that meanders across a 288-square-foot landscape replicating a bustling city and pastoral scene, equipped with a waterfall, planetarium, and even a sasquatch!

Check out this 12′ x 24′ interactive display with 500 feet of track, 125 building, 160 cars and trucks and 48 operating push buttons.  The trains are mainly 0 gauge with some 0-27 engines and rolling stock and consist of Lionel, Mike’s Train House (MTH), Atlas, and Williams Electric.

Image Credit: Mega Model Trains in the Morris Museum.

Book Art: A Novel Idea
October 27- March 4, 2018

Old or new, many or few, Book art is exactly as it reads- art composed of books. A versatile form of modern art, book art is a medium that can be as subtle as adding a drawing or text to a page, or as complex as creating an intricate book sculpture.

Artists whose works are exhibited include:

James Allen Julie Dodd Karen McDermott
Doug Beube Janet Guertin Irmari Nacht
Beatrice Coron Andrew Hayes Rocco Scary
Liz Demaree Lynn Keffer Eric K. Schmidt
Brian Dettmer Guy Laramee Suzie Tuchman


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News 12 New Jersey Interview

Cleveland Johnson, Executive Director of the Morris Museum, talks to reporter John Bathke, of News 12 New Jersey’s,
ON THE SCENE, about the exhibition Book Art: A Novel Idea.

Watch ON THE SCENE, this weekend, January 13 and 14 at 11:00AM, 1:30PM and 3:30PM ET.  Or you can watch the livestream.

(Channel 12)
Comcast (Channel 1127)
Time Warner (Channel 12)
Service Electric (Channel 12)

Image Credits:
Rocco Scary, Bridge Art, 2003, Handmade Paper, Steel, Mixed Media.
Cleveland Johnson Interview with John Bathke, NJ 12 News, courtesy of Amiet Goldman, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations , Morris Museum

Storybook Style: A Selection of Works from the
Minds of Living Illustrators

December 5 – March 11, 2018

Featuring the extraordinary art of illustrators whose work will thrill both young and old audiences alike.

An illustrator is an artist who creates images for magazines, books, and advertising, to name a few. This exhibition presents the whimsical illustrations of established and emerging illustrators whose works will literally jump off the page before your very eyes!

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Introduction to Illustration and Cartooning with Sebastian Gomez.  Get more details.

Image Credit: Karen Romagna, The Wind from Voyage by Billy Collins, 2014, Watercolor.


Gallery Tours

The Morris Museum offers tours of select exhibitions for groups of 10 or more.

Gallery Tours include educator-led programs for field trip students and adult groups, as well as self-guided browse tours.