Earth Science Gallery

Digging Dinosaurs
Find out what New Jersey looked like 65 million years ago and learn about the lives of dinosaurs. Here, visitors can touch a real dinosaur egg, follow dinosaur tracks, and hear the simulated sound of a honking Hadrosaur. Using various clues and fossils, such as footprints, fossilized eggs, and dinosaur teeth, you can become acquainted with the creatures that lived in New Jersey during the Age of the Dinosaurs.

Fossils Tell the Tale
Follow the earth’s geologic timeline from the creation of the planet to modern day, viewing fossil examples of various life forms that thrived through the eons.

Rocks and Minerals
The Morris Museum’s geological collection, considered one of the best in New Jersey, is home to numerous specimens from throughout the world, including the state’s own mineralogical profile.

Visitors can compare and contrast the three different types of rock (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic), explore examples of various mineral forms, and view spectacular over-sized specimens such as an amethyst geode and petrified wood.