Artist Spotlight: David Bowman

Artist Spotlight: David Bowman

Pennsylvania-based artist David Bowman has spent the past decade perfecting his art of creating mechanical wonders using antique Meccano construction sets, gears, chains, brass, copper, and repurposed materials. Bowman is a cabinet maker, antique furniture restorer, and retired middle school teacher. He has been featured at the Morris Museum in A Cache of Kinetic Art: Simply Steampunk, The Adventures of Baron von Steubon and Cromwell, and A Cache of Kinetic Art: Timeless Movements. Bowman’s work serves as a counterpoint to the Morris Museum’s Guinness Collection bringing engineering and artistry, as well as detailed cabinet work, into a modern context through his kinetic creations. Now on view for the first time is The Dodo, one of the artist’s personal favorite pieces, housed in a case built by the artist.

Image Caption: David Bowman, The Dodo (2018). Wood, copper, brass, antique Meccano parts. On loan courtesy of the artist.



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