RetroBlakesberg: Remix



RetroBlakesberg: Remix is a highlight exhibition that chronicles thirty years of iconic music photography shot on film by Jay Blakesberg. From his earliest images as a teen in New Jersey in 1978 to his final photographs made using film in 2008, Blakesberg perfected his ability to capture the soul of musicians and the zeitgeist of a moment with an unmatched capacity for translating the atmosphere of a live music experience into a still frame. Spanning most musical genres, Blakesberg’s work chronicles music history as it unfolded on and off stage, transforming ineffable moments into tangible evocative images that define that moment in time.

Jay Blakesberg first found his muse as a photographer in musicians performing live onstage. From his earliest photographs of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young he sought to capture images of the icons whose songs inspired him and set his mind free.

In the late 1980s, Jay set out as a freelance photographer. In order to advance his career, and give him more creative control, Jay quickly realized the need to expand his professional expertise beyond live concert photography. He worked hard to develop a unique and personal style of portraiture through experimentation with studio lighting and the medium format cameras that were required to shoot magazine and CD covers.

Curated by Ricki Blakesberg with support from Michelle Graves, Curator and Jay Blakesberg.

All Photographs © Jay Blakesberg

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