Our Team

Dr. Cleveland Johnson, President/CEO

Administration | Finance | Operations

Connie Read, Deputy Director 

Nina Hoffer, Private Events Manager
Sonya Maizell, 
Graphic Designer
Marina Shraer, Finance Associate
Peter Stevens, Security and Safety Coordinator
Anthony Ramirez, Building Maintenance


Kathy Francis, Director of Education

Exhibitions | Collections

Ronald Labaco, Director of Exhibitions and Collections/Chief Curator

Michele Marinelli, Curator, Guinness Collection
Sara O’Connor, Preparator
Jere Ryder, Conservator, Guinness Collection
Gillian Suss, Registrar and Collections Manager

Live Arts | Marketing

Brett Messenger, Curatorial Director of Live Arts

Lewis Perlmutter, Technical Director Bickford Theatre
Laurel Smith, Manager Bickford Theatre

Membership | Development | Visitor Services

Mira Prives, Director of Development

Stefanie Hessein, Visitor Services Associate
Mikaela Litchfield, Manager of Institutional Giving
Kristen Westerduin, Visitor Services Associate

Museum Shop

Maggie Bernhard, Shop Assistant
Marian Davis,
Shop Assistant
Kathy Haviland, Museum Shop Manager

Morris Museum Board of Trustees

Mr. Edward von der Linde, Chair
Ms. Marsha Baldinger, Vice Chair
Mr. Nelson Schaenen, Jr., Vice Chair
Mr. Richard A. Watson, Esq., Secretary
Mrs. Margie Wang, Treasurer
Mr. Darren Schulman, Assistant Treasurer
Ms. Molly Borst
Ms. Alexandra L. Braunstein, M.D.
Mr. Frank Cesaro
Mr. Barry H. Jaruzelski
Mr. Scott G. Leonard, Esq.
Mr. Richard Nolan, Esq.
Ms. Sassona Norton
Mr. Robert L. Ricciardi