Erik Bergrin: The 8 Dissolutions

January 28 – July 10, 2022

Erik Bergrin: The 8 Dissolutions is a fiber-sculpture installation by New York City-based artist and costume maker Erik Bergrin. A student of Buddhist philosophy, Bergrin explores the transience of the human body and the eternity of the mind in this new collection of work.

The exhibition takes its name from the eight dissolutions, a Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice that visualizes one’s mortality in the recurring cycle of death and rebirth on the path to enlightenment. The costumes are entirely handsewn, made from fabrics created by Bergrin using traditional techniques such as weaving and felting, as well as grown from unusual materials such as seaweed, fermented tea, and crystallization. Some include integrated drums and rattles. A video monitor documents a performance with the costumes making musical sounds with each movement, revealing the multidisciplinary nature of Bergrin’s artistic approach.

Printable PDF of Erik Bergrin: The 8 Dissolutions Brochure


Artwork Credit: Erik Bergrin, Dissolution 8 – Emptiness (detail), 2020, 73” X 33” X 20”, Various materials, Photo courtesy of the artist. 



Jan 28 2022 - Jul 10 2022