At Home with George: Washington’s Morristown Winter, 1779–1780

At Home with George

Washington’s Morristown Winter, 1779–1780

2023 marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of Morristown National Historical Park as the first historical park in the National Park Service. To celebrate this anniversary, the Morristown National Historical Park commissioned the photo-artist Xiomáro to document the architecture of the Ford Mansion and the Jockey Hollow site “to reintroduce the park to the rapidly changing global and local communities it serves in the 21st-century.”

The exhibition, At Home with George: Washington’s Morristown Winter, 1779–1780, features the artist’s photography with its innovative use of natural light and his unique perspective of historical sites. Through his photography, Xiomáro documents areas of the buildings typically unseen by the public, resulting in photographs that capture the Ford Mansion’s dual role as domestic space and Washington’s 1779-1780 Revolutionary War headquarters.

Xiomáro (SEE-oh-MAH-ro) specializes in photographing iconic historical sites to raise awareness of their history, culture, and natural beauty. He is the author of Weir Farm National Historic Site with a foreword by Senator Joseph Lieberman. Xio’s work has been exhibited at venues such as Harvard University, Fraunces Tavern Museum, Long Island Museum, Fruitlands Museum, and galleries in Scotland and Italy. His work has been reported by The New York Times, Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, PBS and other major television news networks, and publications in the United Kingdom and Greece.

At Home with George: Washington’s Morristown Winter, 1779–1780 is curated by Anne Ricculli, Ph.D., Director of Exhibits and Collections with the support of Curatorial Interns Emily Rainbolt, Elizabeth Shack, and Jamie Zurek.

The related video was generously provided by State of the Arts. State of the Arts is a co-production of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and Stockton University, in cooperation with PCK Media.

Exhibition support is provided by The Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation.

Image Caption: Xiomáro, Hut Display – Inside close-up view of hanging uniform jacket on bunk, 2022. Jockey Hollow MNHP Photography: © 2022, Image used with permission of the artist.

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