Threads of Consciousness: The Tapestries of Jon Eric Riis

November 20, 2020 – May 2, 2021

Contemporary tapestry artist Jon Eric Riis is internationally acclaimed for his opulent work in woven silk and metallic thread, often embellished with pearls, gemstone beads, and crystals. Art history, religion, non-western cultures, and topical issues serve as sources of inspiration for his handwoven narratives that strike a balance between social commentary and virtuoso craftsmanship. The over 60 works on view include large-scale mythological tapestry panels, archetypal coat and robe forms that evoke ceremonial vestments, and experimental anatomical tapestry strips that reflect upon the corporeality of our existence.

Image above: Jon Eric Riis, Caterpillar and Foliage (detail), 2011. Image courtesy Tom Abraham Photography


Nov 20 2020 - May 02 2021