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Green River Formation Fossil Fish, Wyoming, USA, Eocene Period, Permanent Collection of the Morris Museum

Green River Formation Fossil Fish, Wyoming, USA, Eocene Period, Permanent Collection of the Morris Museum

What Came Before US?
Sunday, July 28 – Sunday, September 23, 2018

What came before us? From the smallest organisms, to the towering dinosaurs – and numerous plants and animals in between-the fossils that remain from these creatures provide us with evidence of the life that existed on earth before we did.

In this exhibition, prowl the four regions of the United States to uncover what lies deep beneath the surface. Learn about the process of fossilization, and why particular types of fossils are found in specific regions. Ever wonder how fossils are collected? Get the inside scoop and who knows, you might just be lucky enough to discover a fossil bed right in your own back yard!

A Cache of Kinetic Art:
Simply Steampunk
Call for Artists

A four-year exhibition series featuring a variety of themes – A Cache of Kinetic Art, debuted in March 2018.

Simply Steampunk, the next part of this series, pursues the goal of featuring the creative energy and vitality of kineticism, by re-envisioning 19th century aesthetics combined with advances in machine technology. By mounting an exhibition such as this, the Morris Museum intends to draw parallels of innovative engineering, design and imagination of present-day artisans, and draw comparisons to the technical ingenuity and functionality of a bygone era. The exhibition will be on view from March 15 to July 14, 2019.

Entry Deadline:
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Complete application with all supporting materials must be received by 5:00PM on September 20. You are encouraged to submit in advance of this date, if possible. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.

Selected Artists Notified Via Email:
Thursday, November 1, 2018

Deadline for Delivery of Artwork:
Thursday, February 21, 2019

All work must be received by Morris Museum no earlier than February 5, but no later than February 21, between the hours of 10:00AM-4:00PM.

For more information, please see the 2019 Simply Steampunk Exhibition Prospectus.

Michele Marinelli
Guinness Curator
[email protected]