Mel Leipzig: Everyday Realism

Mel Leipzig: Everyday Realism

New Jersey-based artist Mel Leipzig is heralded as one of today’s finest figurative realist painters.

His subjects—family, friends, acquaintances, and fellow artists—occupy self-constructed places of identity, such as home or work, in subtle psychological portraits that place an equal importance on the setting. The exhibition features highlights from Leipzig’s career of over 60 years.

Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen (1828 -1906) is often referred to as the “father of realism,” but over the course of his career, he addressed a wide range of topics. Join Mel Leipzig, as he talks about the overlooked themes in Ibsens’s early writings, which are important in understanding his later, better-known plays. From The Pillars of the Community to When Dead We Awaken, Lippzig positions Ibsen as the “Father of Modern Drama.”


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